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Nine months of waiting for the happy event and so many changes ... life cycle like the seasons and full of wonderful colors: NINE SEASONS.

Nine Seasons was founded in 2010. After several years of activities in various international companies, I decided to start my own business to link my knowledge and my passions.

The idea of the online maternity store came to me when finding that the existing supply in Switzerland did not respond to my request during my first pregnancy. Through my varied skills and my motivation I saw an opportunity to improve market supply of clothing for pregnant women. I wanted to meet the needs of the pregnant woman who wishes to be more than just another pregnant woman. Today women can be beautiful and good about themselves during this period of their lives.

Also their families and loved ones of these pregnant women can deliver their attention of quality in relation to the moments they live.

9SEASONS.CH offers quality products, unique, different, diverse and at the right price. Natural materials are prioritized, as well for support breastfeeding. Always focused on comfort and welfare, to promote the development of moments for the woman who is expecting her child.

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Bianca and her helpers ;)